Halloween Popcorn Balls

September 29, 2018 — Ingredients: 1 1/2 lbs popped corn 1 Tbsp butter 1/2 cup of water 10 oz. granulated sugar 10 oz. brown sugar 6 oz. light corn syrup 1 tsp salt Directions: Pour the water into a saucepan then add the granulated sugar, syrup and brown sugar. Heat the mixture, stirring continuously, until the sugar is dissolved.... Read More

Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

September 29, 2018 — Room temperature: Keeping the temperature in your bedroom at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below is recommended. Studies show that the body can better relax with temperatures at 70 degrees or slightly below. Reduce caffeine. The effects of caffeine last much longer than most people expect. The result is difficulty falling asleep. Studies have shown better... Read More

Success Story: Parrot

September 29, 2018 — Parrot was admitted to the Oaks At Radford Hills on 7-9 for Therapy to reach her goal and return to assisted livening. She came from the hospital in a wheel chair. She worked hard every day and was able to reach her goals and graduate to a rolling walker. She was also independent with ADLS.... Read More

October 13th is National Train Your Brain Day: Sudoku

September 29, 2018 — Sudoku is the puzzle craze sweeping the nation. Many people refer to this challenging game as the new Rubix Cube. It’s difficult to forget the six-sided and six colored square, but Sudoku is doing just that. If you think that Sudoku is a new game, you would be incorrect. In fact, it was created in... Read More

Happy Birthday!

September 29, 2018 — Residents Frank G. 10/10 Tanesha E. 10/21 Katherine H. 10/24 Micheal M. 10/26 Cheryl B. 10/27 Maurie G. 10/27 Staff Becky W. 10/06 Rachel D. 10/15 Debra G. 10/17 John A. 10/18 Kimberly B. 10/18 Cortney P. 10/21 Christine H. 10/22 Kassie S. 10/22 Demodrick G. 10/30

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 29, 2018 — What is breast cancer? Breast cancer occurs when cells in our breast grow out of control creating tumors that cause damage to the nearby tissues. The tumors which are cancerous are known as malignant tumors and can cause a lot of damage to the body. Breast cancer has always been a dreaded disease, but in... Read More

Facts You Never Knew About Coffee

August 30, 2018 — Although coffee has been a part of the Arab culture for thousands of years, it did not become part of the western world until the 1500s. Many countries around the world celebrate Coffee Day on October 1, however, the U.S. celebrates on September 29. A single acre of coffee trees can yield close to ten... Read More

How to Age Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

August 30, 2018 — September is Healthy Aging Month You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of advice that is available when it comes to dealing with aging. Here are some of the most important tips: Eating a nutritious diet is an essential component in healthy aging. You want to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and fiber;... Read More

Success Story: Janet W.

August 30, 2018 — Janet W. was admitted on 5-29 for Therapy to reach her goal to go home. She came from the hospital in a wheel chair not able to walk due to NWB. She worked hard every day and reached her goal and was able to use a walker walking 250 SBA, Weight bearing as tolerated, and... Read More

National Preparedness Month: Preparing For Disaster

August 30, 2018 — During this year’s hurricane and tornado season, here are some tips to help prepare for almost anything: First-aid kit, flashlight, whistle, matches, candles, radio with batteries, work gloves (supplies for at least a week) Nonperishable food such as granola bars and bottled water Pen and notebook An extra set of eye-glasses Copies of prescriptions, insurance cards,... Read More